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Whether you’re a photographer or a client looking for a hard drive for image storage, or a creative entrepreneur who would prefer to store documents and data on an external hard drive vs your computer’s hard drive, here are my recommendations for external hard drives based on ones I’ve tested and researched. If you want […]

For Photographers, Tools & Tech

External Hard Drive Recommendations

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Self care to me is about more than just getting a massage. It’s about why we get the massage. So when I think of self-care, I consider it to be an activity that gives you relief or brings you joy. With that in mind, self care can mean a lot of different things to different […]

Entrepreneurship, Self care

10 Self Care Ideas You Might Not Have Considered

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There are A LOT of different websites and systems out there to keep you organized. And there are a lot of ways to mix and match them to make them work. Over the last five years as an entrepreneur, I’ve tried quite a few so I wanted to list out which ones I use so […]

Business Systems, Productivity

Tools I Use to Keep Me Organized and On Track with Small Business Goals

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Of the dozens of business books I read over the last 15 years, I put together a list of business books for beginners, my top 15 favorites – the ones that lay a solid foundation for entrepreneurs in the beginning of their journey (let’s say the first 0-3 years). I created this list with new […]


Recommended Business Books to Read: Top 15 Favs

business self help books stack marketing
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Before I became a photographer, before I became a project manager, before I became a case manager, before I studied social work, before I studied engineering (phew 😅)… I studied business management and marketing (at my beloved Penn State University 💙🤍). It was kind of a cop out picking something that general but kind of […]


Are you letting others talk you out of your ideas?

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What if, how you wake up and start your day sets the tone for your day?   I realized that the moment I woke up, I started thinking about all the things on my to-do list that HAD to get done today, and by the time I was out of bed and brushing my teeth, […]

Mindset, personal

My morning routine for “today’s a good day to have a good day”

Plan Your Stress-Free Wedding Day

The complicated/stressful/crazy process of planning the biggest, most important day of your life is no biggie, right? WRONG. Let's talk through 5 tips for a relaxed wedding day, shall we?

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