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6 TED Talks to Change the Way You Think

What if I told you, thoughts become beliefs and our beliefs guide our decision making? It’s true. That’s why I love TED talks: they’re chock

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There are A LOT of different websites and systems out there to keep you organized. And there are a lot of ways to mix and match them to make them work. Over the last five years as an entrepreneur, I’ve tried quite a few so I wanted to list out which ones I use so […]

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I’ve been in the entrepreneur game for five years now and one thing that was critical to learn so I could actually get stuff done was how to keep myself motivated and focused when nobody else was around to keep me accountable. Normally my number one tip for boosting productivity working for yourself is to […]

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It’s no secret that I’m a bookworm. Since I started my audible membership about 18 months ago, I’ve got over 30 titles in my library *insert nerd emoji* I mean, I’m just a really big nerd, my friend. I’m a big believer that time is our most valuable asset as entrepreneurs, and learning how to […]

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