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Are you letting others talk you out of your ideas?

Before I became a photographer, before I became a project manager, before I became a case manager, before I studied social work, before I studied engineering (phew 😅)…

I studied business management and marketing (at my beloved Penn State University 💙🤍). It was kind of a cop out picking something that general but kind of not. I mean, how, precisely, are you supposed to know what you want to do with the rest of your life when you’re seventeen years old?!

But. I did have an idea for a business.

I was obsessed with interior design (TLC and Trading Spaces kicked off my obsession when I was twelve years old, and then HGTV and DIY Network were all I watched through high school and mom let me practice all of my wild ideas on her house 😏) so I’d really wanted to start my own modular home company that solely focused on green products (hence the engineering degree – I wanted to stamp my own drawings)

When I told people about the focus on green products, I got sideways glances. They didn’t seem to understand my vision. There were no rounds of applause – not that I was expecting praise, but I certainly wasn’t expecting what felt like they didn’t think it was a good idea.

Fast forward to today: In Florida, development is IN.SANE. There is an entire new town being built and placed on the map that was previously just a bunch of evergreen trees. It’s called E-Town and the ENTIRE TOWN is solely focused on energy efficient everything and sustainability. (Don’t believe me? Check them out here: @etownjax)

Clearly, my idea from fourteen years ago wasn’t all that far fetched. 😏

Even though, for whatever reason, I wasn’t meant to see that idea through, I want to ask you:

How often do you let someone or something else talk you out of your ideas?

It’s time to stop that.

The iPhone you’re holding in your hand or the MacBook you’re reading this from wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for someone pushing forward when so many others doubted them.

And guess what? The iPhone you’re holding today went through many revisions before it was “perfected”.

It’s time you start choosing to believe in yourself even when someone else doesn’t quite get you or your ideas or your dreams or your vision.

Even when it’s messy and imperfect in the beginning.

It’s time you choose you.

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