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My morning routine for “today’s a good day to have a good day”

What if, how you wake up and start your day sets the tone for your day?


I realized that the moment I woke up, I started thinking about all the things on my to-do list that HAD to get done today, and by the time I was out of bed and brushing my teeth, I was already starting to feel anxious because I didn’t think there’d be enough time in the day to get everything done. The way the day played out, it felt exactly like that – like it was a constant battle against time. And by the end of the day, I felt like I hadn’t gotten anything accomplished. The reality was, I was going nonstop from the moment I woke up and I was actually getting a TON of things done. So why didn’t I feel like I was?


For me, it’s come down to what I think and what I believe. I was believing I didn’t have enough time and wouldn’t get everything done and I’d end the day feeling just as overwhelmed as when I started… and that became my reality. So, when I think back to where this pattern starts, it’s actually at two times in my day: how I end my day and how I start my day. 


So that’s where this list sparks from. I’ve tried a few different things and there’s certainly more ways you can start your morning routine to be successful, I’m simply sharing what’s currently working for me in case you find it helpful. 

the essentials of my morning routine that embody the “today is a good day to have a good day” mantra (tapping into those perfect wedding day vibes):

⭐️15 minute meditation

⭐️Card pull for guidance

⭐️Affirmation and intention for the day

⭐️AT LEAST 10 minutes Pilates (that’s just 1 @blogilates YouTube video yo)

It sounds simple but it is transformational for how I feel throughout the day when I set myself up in the morning like this.

When I don’t, I wake up thinking of my to do list and all the things I have to get done, and by the end of the day I feel stressed the heck out and like I didn’t get ANYTHING done (even though I was nonstop all day long) — instead of slowing down and asking, “what do YOU want me to focus on today that’s moving me in the direction of what’s meant for me?” (‘YOU’ here is the Higher Power and quite frankly if you’re asking me, Jesus and the Universe are one in the same) and then LET EVERYTHING ELSE GO. When you sit down and quiet your mind in meditation and ask for guidance, you are letting go of the worry of your to do list, and trusting that what comes in the flow of your day is what’s meant to happen.

If it ain’t meant to happen today, stop forcing it (that’s me to me coaching myself and also me to you coaching you, my sweet friend)

Btw, I send out free guidance every Monday with a card pull for where to focus your energy each week to my CP Insiders via email. It’s so much fun! This is especially for you if you’re a creative business gal and get flustered trying to figure out what to focus on (been there too 😜). Save your seat at the link in my bio for “BECOME A CP INSIDER” and I’ll see you in your inbox on Monday! 😊


Meditation allows me to start my day from a place of peace and gratitude, instead of anxiety and overwhelm. I mostly listen to guided meditations that focus on breath (the rhythm of the music encourages an inhale for 3 beats and exhale for 5 beats, and that rhythm helps center and align you). I paid $15 for an app that’s life changing (seriously!). You can find that app here for Apple and here for Andriod


As for card pulls, get free guidance sent to your inbox every Monday with me! If you want to get your own deck of cards for your own card pulls, here’s the same deck I use


Hope this inspires a new way to start your day that’s less stressful and more peaceful!




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