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8 Surprisingly Powerful Ways to Boost Productivity Working from Home

I’ve been in the entrepreneur game for five years now and one thing that was critical to learn so I could actually get stuff done was how to keep myself motivated and focused when nobody else was around to keep me accountable.

Normally my number one tip for boosting productivity working for yourself is to get out of the house but with the Coronavirus quarantine in full effect, that’s not possible.

Here’s what I love MOST about these tips: they’re simple yet powerfully effective! But because of the simplicity, they’re often overlooked by many. Implement these strategies and you’ll go from being ordinary to being extraordinary.

Yes or yes? 😊

Here we go — your 8 surprisingly powerful ways to boost productivity as an entrepreneur.

Stay motivated and efficient working from home! 8 surprisingly powerful ways to boost productivity working from home (especially as an entrepreneur)

1. Dress for the job

I know, I know, one of the perks of working at home is staying in your jammies, but hear me out on this. I’ve found that dressing in jammies makes me WAY less productive.


Because jammies make me think it’s time to relax, not time to work. Call me crazy, but I get fully dressed in something that helps me be productive. Sometimes that’s actually yoga pants – because I love working out, so that actually does trigger work mode! Most of the time that’s full face makeup, hair done, a dress, and heels. Try it and watch your productivity transform!

2. Work in Pomodoro Sprints

One of my favorite productivity tools! Download the FocusKeeper App (free). Pomodoro sprints are when you do work in 25 minute sessions followed by a 5 minute break, then repeat 3 more times before taking a longer break. During that 25 minutes you stay focused on only one task.

The ticking clock used to drive me nuts, but now I love it. It’s a reminder that time is actually ticking and it helps me stay focused.

What works best for me is deciding what task I’m going to complete by the end of the 25 minutes, rather than working on an ongoing task for 25 minutes straight. That means breaking down a bigger goal into small chunks that can be completed in under 25 minutes. If I don’t do that, I find that the bigger goal drags on forever. Plus, I feel way more accomplished because I’m constantly crossing things off the checklist with each 25 minute sprint!

3. Keep it moving

Move around at least every two hours, which would be on your longer pomodoro sprints breaks if you’re using that tip. I’m going for a 10 minute walk with the dogs. They get exercise, I get exercise, we both get fresh air, win-wins all around!

4. Hydrate lots

Drink lots of water (helps flush toxins and keeps you getting up at least once an hour to pee 😜). My personal goal is a gallon of water per day, but that can be a lot if you’re not used to it.

Stick to the general rule of thumb: drink 1 full glass of water per hour. And when I say glass, I mean one of the tall 16 ouncers. You can do this!

5. Minimize distractions

Minimize distractions: if you can actually be productive while a TV show is on, you’re superhuman. Most people can’t (myself included, it would take me 2 hours to do a 15 minute task!). Leave the TV off, turn off phone notifications, hold off on email until your breaks. Let anyone else in the house know that you need to work undisturbed so you can more done, and that you’ll be able to give them your attention after work is complete. Pledge with me: distraction free zone!

6. Go incognito with “Do not disturb”

Turn the phone on do not disturb while you work On average, people get a notification on their phone every 15 minutes! Every time you get distracted it takes 2 times as long to get momentum back into what you were doing. I actually turn off a lot of notifications, including Facebook and the ‘gram, to prevent this. It makes a huge difference!

7. Resist social media checkups

Resist the urge to check social media (no, seriously. Not even for “just a sec”. You’ll get lost down the rabbit hole.) Instead, think of how much more accomplished you’ll feel at the end of the day because you got so much done!

8. Use your 5 minute breaks wisely

Use your 5 minute breaks in between pomodoro sprints to refill water, use the bathroom, check/respond to work email, or give the babies a good ear rub (hello sweet stress relief). Try to avoid social media during these breaks. Keep yourself efficient by using your five minute break wisely.

There you have it, ma’friend! You just added 8 super simple tools to your toolbox to boost your productivity, stay motivated, and be efficient working from home. I can’t wait to see what you’ll tackle next!

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