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Nocatee Twenty Mile Senior Portraits | Maria

One of the things I love about being a photographer is watching my clients grow. It was just a few short years ago her parents, Irene and Kevin, did a sweet anniversary session dancing on the sidewalk. Maria and her mom practically look like twins in some of these photos! My sweet cousin Maria is finishing up her junior year in high school. Even though in my mind, I’m desperately trying to turn back the time, I can only sit here and admire the woman Maria is growing into.

Maria is a smart young lady with a sense of direction and purpose. She cares deeply about those around her. I watch her natural ability to soothe her younger brother, or be patient with him, or stick to firm boundaries with him. And it’s not because she’s the older sibling who “should be in charge”. It’s because she wants the best for him.

She’s a natural leader.

After high school, Maria wants to go to college to become a special education teacher. She’s had experience working with kids who seem to struggle learning and would love to continue that profession as an adult. I love that she has that heart to help other humans!

Maria, it has been an honor watching you grow. Your love for others is evident and your smile is infectious. I’m excited to watch you crush your senior year and step into your future with grace and confidence. Cheers to your senior year and the future that awaits you! (And I’m secretly hoping it’s here in Florida! 😉)


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