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Poconos Anniversary Session

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my cousins. My siblings and I would spend a few days to up to two weeks with different aunts and uncles and it’s one of my favorite memories about my childhood. My mom is such a tomboy, so being with my cousins is where I learned how to girl. My cousins would paint my nails and play with my hair and I loved every minute of it. My cousin, Irene, had a bedroom that was SO cool – the walls were painted with she and her sister’s handprints and the bed was a big cozy mattress right on the floor loaded with pillows. It felt like an oasis to me and I remember not wanting to leave.

Fast forward 20 some years and my cousin Irene has a sweet little family of her own. She and Kevin met when she was 14 years old, went their separate ways, and found each other again and have been together for 12 years. We usually see each other at big family get-togethers and it was such a pleasure spending this time one on one.

Irene and Kevin are such jokesters, I couldn’t stop laughing their entire session!  There might be a full bloopers reel in their full gallery! Kevin proudly serves in the Air Force and I’m honored to be a part of these memories with them. We met up in the Poconos for an anniversary session where laughter was nonstop. A day without laughter is a day wasted, and Irene and Kevin live up to every part of that. Irene and Kevin lovingly embraced, facing each other, and Kevin leaned down and sweetly kissed Irene on the forehead, followed by a yuck face with eyes squeezed shut and tongue out like girls still have cooties.

Irene and Kevin, your laughter and love is infectious! I admire your playful marriage and hope someday my own marriage will be just as playful!


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