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Wilkes Barre Fall Intimate Wedding

When I walked in to greet Tom, I was greeted with “you just missed the pyramid!!” and I was all like HECK YES do it again! And that was pretty much how the whole day was! 🙌 Tom And his groomsman cracked me up!!

I love the way Tom was so careful about not seeing Danielle before *the* moment, the way he looked at her when he saw her for the first time, the hand squeezes and the I-love-you-and-I’m-so-excited looks they exchanged while waiting for their vows, and lastly I love that I got to freeze those moments in time for Tom and Danielle to feel forever and ever.

I’m slightly embarrassed (but not really) about the giddiest happy dance I’ve ever done in my life tossing up rose petals for Harmony Renee to capture for them!

By the way, having your sleeves rolled up is just what you do to get that garter. 😉

Congrats Danielle and Tom!! Sending tons of love as you start your journey together! 💕

It’s always a pleasure to second shoot and get some fun angles. Wedding for Harmony Renee Photography.

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