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Williamsport Country Club Elegant Wedding

The way Evan lights up when he first sees her for the first time in the dress Paige waited her whole life to wear.

The way he looks at her when she first arrives at the altar and takes his hands in hers.

The tiny hand squeezes that pass between them as they’re about to start a new chapter together.

Their first kiss as husband and wife that pretty much screams HECK YES WE’RE READY TO CELEBRATE!

You can tell by the way Evan looks at Paige just how much he loves her! It was the perfect day for a wedding and from the stories from the best man (I was dying laughing!) and maid of honor to the partying that happened on the dance floor to the yells of ROLL TIDE! – their crew knew how to have a good time! Congratulations Paige and Evan! Wishing you many years of love and happiness!

It’s always a pleasure to second shoot and get some fun angles. Wedding for Harmony Renee Photography.

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