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6 TED Talks to Change the Way You Think

What if I told you, thoughts become beliefs and our beliefs guide our decision making? It’s true. That’s why I love TED talks: they’re chock

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When you started your creative business, you didn’t start it because you love business, did you? Most of us don’t. When I first started out as a photographer, I just loved that I could actually create really pretty photos with that dreamy blurred background, and I loved hanging with friends, taking their pictures, and hearing […]

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How do you organize your paper receipts?   Mine used to look like a totally unorganized hot mess express. Not anymore (:   I love this question. You can giggle at me, I get excited about stuff that helps relieve your stress – because having a giant stack of paper receipts for your business that […]

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When I first started my business, my accounting system for saving receipts and tracking expenses looked a lot like this: Nonexistent. I mean, I knew this was an important task in my business…

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