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My Friend Kristen Came to Visit!

In my October Recap, I mentioned that my friend Kristen came to visit and we did a little photoshoot. Here it is!

During her visit, we went to Orlando, danced through Jacksonville, explored Saint Augustine, and soaked up the sun in Daytona Beach. (She highly recommends touring the Saint Augustine Distillery and San Sebastian Winery, both are so much fun!)

While Kristen was here, I wanted to play around creatively and push myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do with photography, or photograph things I wouldn’t normally photograph.

For instance, this payphone in Riverside isn’t something I would normally take a pretty picture of, but when Kristen pointed the payphone out, I decided to see how it would come out. What I love most is that it might not be the weddings, couples, sparkle and rose gold that I adore in front of my camera as a wedding photographer, but it *does* tell a story — and that’s one of my favorite things to do with my camera.

“Cave, Cave Deus Videt” is Latin for “Beware, Beware, God sees”, meaning God sees everything. You could take that ominously or you could find comfort in it. I choose to find comfort in it, as in, God sees everything, He’s always here watching over us, guiding us, protecting us, with us, loving us and we are never alone. Seeing it placed here makes me wonder who did it and why. I love to get curious about things like that.

Aside from the payphone, I was really playing around with lighting during different times of the day and in different locations. We went to Memorial Park in Riverside, the riverwalk near the Riverside Art Market, and downtown Saint Augustine.

While Kristen was visiting, she got a new wardrobe that made her feel like the next boss babe version of herself, so she dressed up so we could take some new business headshots and it turned into a whole other photoshoot. It was so much fun to just play! And doesn’t Kristen look like she’s ready for her debut as a J. Crew model?

There’s a mix of fun, business, and silliness in these photos that I think you’ll have fun scrolling through. You’ll definitely see some of Kristen’s playful personality + Business Kristen + America’s Next Top Model Kristen. There’s even a few of me tucked in there!

I loved doing this creative shoot because it helps me grow as a photographer. Over the years I’ve developed a specific style, and I love that I get to strengthen those skills to become a better version of myself and continue to serve my clients with excellence. Plus, we get to do fun new things as I grow!

Kristen, thank you so much for being my muse, for a week filled with belly laughs, smiles that hurt my cheeks, dancing in the sunshine, and laughter on the roller coasters that I’ll never forget. You’re one of the best friends a girl could ask for. I’m so so thankful for our friendship and can’t wait to see you again soon and see the beautiful things you create in this world!

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