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Wine Tasting Launch Party in Nocatee, Florida with Maureen

Wine is one of my things. I mean, I literally have like a glass of wine a week, but it’s one of my favorite ways to have some personal time to myself to relax. You know, when I actually sit down for 5 minutes to relax. If you’re a dreamer and a doer like me, your brain is constantly GO GO GO and you have to pencil in 15 minutes for yourself to just sit, relax, and enjoy everything you’re working so hard for. A glass of dry-ish wine, sitting outside, and listening to nature is one of my favorite ways to do that.

So when I was invited to photograph a wine tasting party in Nocatee, Florida, I was pretty darn excited! My friends Maureen and LeeAnn hosted the party for clean-crafted wines from Scout and Cellar. I’m confident it’s no coincidence that I love wine and a natural lifestyle and find myself at a party for a wine that combines both! And the best part of all — no wine headaches!

I love the story from the founder behind Scout and Cellar, Sarah Shadonix, who was a professional wine taster and gave birth to the company from wanting to beat the wine headaches. There’s a little more to the story but you’ll hear it better at a wine tasting party! At the end of the party I tried four kinds: Field House White Blend, Sauvignon Blanc, Punkt Genau (which is vegan and organic), and Rose. I’m a dry wine kind of gal and I loved them all! The white blend and sauvignon blanc were my favs!

PS. My sweet friend, you can have this clean-crafted wine shipped straight to your doorstep (if you’re in a state that allows it)! Hello convenience and a new life with no wine headaches! (I get a smidg excited about things like time savers, stuff that fits into my natural lifestyle, and not having to leave my home to shop, and even MORE excited to share that with my friends!) Find out more about Scout and Cellar here.

Maureen and LeeAnn did an awesome job explaining wines and pairings. They taught some of the basics of what each wine pairs well with. What an awesome experience to learn about wine and pairing AND to serve with photos of friends and memories from the launch party (see highlights below)!

Maureen, I’m wishing you all of the best luck on your entrepreneurial adventures! With your kindness and fun spirit, I’m confident you’ll be successful!

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