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Rustic and Sweet Northeast Pennsylvania Wedding

He smiles a little half smile as he wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her in close. They reach for the other’s hands for their first dance. The rest of the room seems to disappear as Will and Brittany share their first dance as husband and wife to Frank Sinatra.


Moments later, Brittany’s father leans in, eyes full with tears, and kisses Brittany on the forehead, eyes squeezed tightly shut, as if he’s imagined this very moment her whole life. I almost lost it behind my camera during their father daughter dance.


In a room full of close family and friends, Will and Brittany found ways to get lost in each other. It was beautiful to witness. My favorites are the in between moments like the hand squeezes just before you get to kiss as husband and wife and sneaking kisses when you think nobody’s looking.


Brittany and Will are so much fun! I love how down to earth they are, that they joked Will would take Brittany’s last name, that their first dance song wasn’t a popular new song but a timeless classic, and that their honeymoon is in Hawaii!! CONGRATULATIONS Will and Brittany! Sending my love and wishes that your marriage is just as beautiful as your wedding!


It’s always a pleasure to second shoot and get some fun angles. Wedding for Harmony Renee Photography.

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