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6 TED Talks to Change the Way You Think

What if I told you, thoughts become beliefs and our beliefs guide our decision making? It’s true. That’s why I love TED talks: they’re chock

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New Favorite Fruit Smoothie!   Normally, when I make smoothies, they’re protein smoothies. But I recently picked up big tubs of Turmeric powder and Matcha powder from Costco and wanted to find more ways to use them in smoothies, so I’ve been experimenting with fruit smoothies. Of course, making use of Turmeric and Matcha is […]

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With all that’s going on with the quarantine, I thought it would be helpful to share ways I’m staying healthy (or trying to!) while being mostly stuck inside. Eating healthy is a huge part of my self-care and wellness, and most likely yours too. When I eat clean, wholesome foods, instead of processed, fried, fatty […]

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This might be the most ridiculous edible “cookie dough” I’ve ever made…but desperate times called for desperate measures. It whipped up in under 10 minutes, used ingredients that are typically stocked in the pantry, and really, really hit the spot. It’s also: Gluten free Vegan No added sugar High protein You pickin up what I’m […]

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A few summers ago I did a lot of walking. I’d get up early in the morning and walk 45-60 minutes before work and when I got home, I’d do another 45-60 minutes. I developed this routine because I wanted to keep my heart rate elevated during my walks and in a certain range (more […]

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