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Downtown St Augustine Engagement Session | Snehal + David

The way he looks at her melts my heart. 😍 I met up with Snehal and David for their engagement session in Downtown Saint Augustine and we had so much fun!

The engagement session is one of my favorite parts of our time together because we get to create something so special. You’re going to be married for over fifty years, but you only get to be engaged for this short period of time. I love getting to capture the only time in your life where you get to be each other’s fiancés.

Snehal and David were on fire and put those ombré sunset skies to shame! You would never know how crowded it really was from their photos, even though we picked a busy holiday weekend during Saint Augustine’s stunning Night of Lights display. I’m so proud of them!

Snehal and David met about four years ago, went on a dinner date followed by a walk on the beach and they’ve been together ever since. David wanted to recreate their first date when he proposed, so he took Snehal out to a beautiful dinner and a walk on the beach where he asked her to marry him. Isn’t that so sweet?

I met Snehal through her sister, Velour, who was one of the first friends I made when I moved to Florida almost three years ago. Within five minutes of conversation with Velour, it was like we’d been best friends forever. Now that I’ve met her sister, Snehal, I’m starting to feel like I’m part of the family. 😊

I mentioned this in their Instagram sneak peek, but when I asked David if he could dip Snehal for a kiss (which turned out to be one of my favorite images from their session!), it went a little something like this in real life:

Me: David, do you think you could dip Snehal for a kiss—

**David swoops and dips Snehal with a grace so debonair my jaw nearly came unhinged**

Me: *jumping and running* OMGG THAT’S PERFECT!!!! HOLD ON LET ME GET IN POSITION!!!

It was impressive! Snehal and David have been practicing their dance skills with their dance instructor, Velour, and you’ll see for yourself just how well it turned out on camera for their kiss and dip and twirling photos. 😉

(Mini aside: at one point in our session, I realized I’d said “one more time!” at least four times in a row and when I pointed it out, Snehal and David giggled and replied, “have you ever had Velour as a dance instructor?? She says ‘one more time’ alllll the time so we’re used to it!”🤣)

Also, doesn’t David look rather charming in his suit? You can never get too dressed up for your engagement session! Snehal’s floral dress and bouquet of flowers made a stunning combination.

One of their favorite things to do together is play games, and they brought one of their favorites — dice — to the session with them. They’re not just regular cube-shaped six-sided dice. They’re all different shapes and cool colors. It was such a fun way to add their personality into their engagement photos. (Psst! Wanna know a secret? I asked Snehal what some of David’s lucky numbers were, she said 7, 1, and 3, so I arranged the dice in one of the photos to make sure we got his lucky numbers in it. See if you can pick out the photo!)

Snehal and David, I love the way you two move together so effortlessly. Your smiles, love, and laughter are a gift and it’s been a blessing getting to know you. You’re going to have many happy years of marriage together and I’m excited to watch you grow. I can’t wait to get you two in front of my camera for your wedding in February! Hope you love these favorites as much as I do!

Gear used (affiliate links):

Canon R6

Tamron 70-200 2.8

Canon Macro 85 mm 2.0

Canon Control Ring Adaptor (for EF to RF mount)


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