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Nocatee Lakeside Park Family Photos | Ruben and Victoria Family

It all started a few months ago when Ruben turned to Vicky and said, “so let’s plan your surprise birthday party”. (I mean, it’s not really a surprise when you’re planning your own party, but you do get to have fun planning your own party and pretending it’s a surprise, right!)

This year, both Vicky and Ruben turned 60, though you would never know because they certainly don’t look it and they’re so full of life (really, they tease ME for being in bed at 8pm when they’re ready to go out and party! 😂). 

Their family came to town to celebrate – their daughters, Crystal and Frannie, and Vicky’s dad, Grandpa Jaime. So friday night as soon as the girls, Crystal and Frannie, landed at the airport, they were whisked away to a surprise family dinner to celebrate Crystal and Frannie’s birthdays, followed by surprise birthday dinner on Saturday for Titi Vicky’s birthday. A weekend filled with family, friendship, and fun.

Getting to photograph a family of three generations is such a treat. One of my favorite things about being a photographer is reliving these moments twice – the first time from behind the camera, and the second time while I’m fine tuning and editing each one.

Watching the way Grandpa Jaime’s smile lights up with his family makes my heart melt. As I sat with my coffee editing photos with a big cheesy smile on my face, tears started rolling down my cheeks (listen, you already know I’m an emotional sap! 😭) because seeing the joy on their faces just from being in each other’s company brought pure joy to mine. It’s a reminder that moments like these, they’re the ones that matter, they’re the ones that are irreplaceable, they’re the ones that we’ll cherish forever – no matter how crazy things get in the world.

Vicky, Ruben, Frannie, Crystal, and Grandpa Jaime – your smiles are infectious and it is a joy to watch you continue to grow and blossom through every season of life. Wishing you another year filled with joy, laughter, and love!


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