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Whimsical Rustic Farm Elopement

It was a warm summer evening. The sun was starting to set behind the tops of the trees as he stood underneath a big tree patiently (impatiently) waiting with excitement for his bride to appear at the end of the perfectly mowed hay field aisle. He was nervous, but he was ready.

And then she appeared, radiant and glowing, elegantly walking toward him down the aisle, waist high hay field guiding her way on either side. Their eyes locked with smiles on their faces from ear to ear.

It was just them, and the ministers, and Harmony Renee and I witnessing as Amber and David on the biggest day of their lives.

They each wrote their own special vows for each other. And for a moment, time stood still as David held Amber’s hands, looked her in the eyes and told how he fell in love with her beauty both inside and out. Their vows were as beautiful as their first kiss as husband and wife.

David wasn’t home for long – they’d get to spend the next few days drinking in their precious first moments together as husband and wife before David heads back overseas.

Amber and David, I wish you all the best for a beautiful and joyful marriage! Congratulations!

It’s always a pleasure to second shoot and get some fun angles. Wedding for Harmony Renee Photography.

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