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4 Lessons I’ve Learned About Doing LIVE Videos in a Facebook Group

I’ve been doing Facebook lives for a few weeks now inside the Savvy and Soul Community and I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far.

Well, in the beginning, I was quite reluctant to get started because I knew once I got started I’d need to figure out a way to keep up with managing it. Which meant, how was I going to manage this thing week after week after week? I didn’t want to start the group and then be inconsistent with it. I didn’t want it to just be another group that lacks engagement.

And I remember one day telling my sweet friend Bailey that I’d had this idea to have a class on how your numerology can help you in your business inside a Facebook Group. Ever since I had the nerve to actually share that with someone, I couldn’t stop thinking about the group and one day, a fire lit in me and I decided to go all in.

I wish I had a more glamorous story about how I planned out the entire process. I just dove right in and have been figuring out things as I go. Sometimes it’s the only way to get yourself to take action and to learn!

The group had already been created (it’s July 2021 now, and I created the group back in November 2020 but, like I said above, I wasn’t sure of how I was going to consistently manage it so it just sat. Also, I was really nervous about going live for trainings!). But other than the group actually existing and having a name, there really wasn’t much else I had done with it.


So here were some of the first things I did:

  • Created group graphics that were consistent with my branding (a group banner & a live training graphic that could be reused for every new scheduled LIVE event instead of creating a new one every time and so that the graphic was on brand)
  • Wrote up a group description
  • Decided what group rules should be (there are some defaults within Facebook that you can grab, but I had an idea on the direction for the group and what it should and should not be, so that needed to be voiced too)
  • Added group questions for requesting to join (like what kind of content you’re most excited to learn about, your insta handle, and your email address – remember, this is the kind of community where I want to have real friendships and support you, and that includes hyping you up on insta! As well as keeping you updated on all the fun things happening via email.)


Creating Future Events for Live Trainings

Then I had to figure out how to create events for LIVE trainings. I could not understand how to do this in the beginning. It was not and still is not as intuitive as you might think, in my opinion (even though Facebook has updated some things since my starting these live trainings a few weeks ago and now). I asked around in some of the other Facebook groups I’m in how you do it, was suggested to search YouTube and Google, which I did, but the directives that were given were not options when I looked inside my group settings.

I also wanted to make sure that the LIVE event I was setting up was going directly into the group, not on my personal page. I’m not too proud to admit I would have been mortified if I accidentally went LIVE on my personal page instead of in the group. Mortified! So it was of utmost importance I made sure that did not happen. 😂

How you actually create a Facebook Live event for a future date inside a group is by going to “Create a post” at the top right of the Facebook home page, then selecting “live” within the post options and it’ll take you to the Live Producer page, where you adjust the settings for a Facebook Live. I was scared to do that at first because I thought the second I clicked “Live”, it would actually take me Live! But it doesn’t, it takes you to a settings page instead. *phew* 😅

Once you’re in the Live Producer page, you can adjust the settings there to post the Live inside a group and set up dates for the event. Also, I learned that in order to set an event date farther than the next few days ahead, you have to go live from your personal account, not a business page.

You Cannot Switch Between Screens Like You Can on Video Calls

This, I learned immediately. 😂 When I first started the group, I was so nervous about all the mistakes I was going to make being on public display, so I did the first few lives with only myself and my business coach in the group. I wondered if this was just my mindset getting in the way, but I have to admit I’m very glad I did things this way!

I assumed that once you went live, you could switch between screens while screensharing and going face-to-cam, but you cannot. Once you set up the initial Live settings, that’s it — you cannot change them once you get started. One of those settings includes whether you’re using the camera or sharing the screen, so if you decide to use the camera, you won’t be able to share screen at all unless you end the live and start a new one.

Which is precisely what I ended up doing on that first live! It ended up being chopped into three different videos because I’d planned to have an intro where I talked to you for a few minutes, then share screen to the PDF worksheet for quarterly goal planning, then show you how to put those plans into ClickUp to help you track the action plan you just made.

I remember being live and seriously debating on chucking out the whole video and starting from scratch because no one would’ve known (except me and my business coach, Coryn). But I must admit, I handled the situation quite gracefully and ultimately decided to leave it up to show you that sometimes starting a new thing does not happen perfectly, but you can learn lessons and make adjustments and get better as you go.

Now, I “live stream” by pulling up a Google Meet, share screen in the live settings to that tab, and then once the live starts, I navigate screen sharing from Google Meet.

It’s OK to Do Some Testing Before You Invite People In

I’m super thankful that no one was there for that first live because if I’d gotten all the hype up and had fifty people there for an “epic training”, I’m quite certain I would have died on the spot. 😂  Oh, it was epic, all right. #epicfail 🤣

I probably wouldn’t have had the nerve to leave it there as the lesson it now gets to be. 🙂

Not having anyone there allowed me the freedom to mess up and fix things without my nerves becoming a fried mess. I’m such a perfectionist and I want things to be a good experience for you. I’m glad I tested out some of the kinks before you got in there. And now you get to check it out and chuckle at me. 😏

I was Nervous as Heck at First, but Now I Look Forward to These Lives with You!

You know, I had this idea to start a community or a Facebook group yearsss ago. It became a more serious idea last year in May when I started working with my business coach. It took another 6 months before I actually created the group (last November), and it wasn’t until another 7 months after that when I finally started going live and really giving it a go.

I was terrified to go live. It’s like public speaking, even though you’re not in a crowded room of people. I put it off for months because of this!

And when I finally started, every day leading up to the live I’d get super nervous, And every time, I almost talked myself out of going live because no one was there yet and no one would know if I’d skipped.

But, I’d made a commitment to myself and I really wanted to keep that commitment. You might not have known it yet, but I made a commitment to you, too, that I really wanted to keep.

I also love teaching, I love helping you, I love sharing my knowledge because I know it’ll help you, and I love connecting with you! After the fourth time I went live, I found myself smiling from ear to ear and thinking, “I can’t wait until next week to do that again!”. It was sooo cool to experience that feeling after the months of nervousness finally taking the leap!

It feels good to be doing something that feels good and you know it’s going to make a difference for someone.


If you’re considering starting a Facebook group of your own, I hope the lessons I’ve learned so far help you as you get started.

If you’re just here because I’m silly, then I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you. It’s an honor and a treat to be alongside you in this journey!

If you’re not in the Savvy and Soul Community yet, what are ya waitin’ for?? Come join the party!

Have a question for me? Drop in the comments below, and while you’re there, I’d love to know what lesson you found the most helpful!


Biggest hugs!



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Photos by: Diane Boland Photography


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