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1 Quick Tip for Consistent Content Ideas for Social Media

One quick tip for consistent content ideas for social media:

Focus on themes, choosing a theme that’s already in your workflow, and regularly sharing about that one theme. Then, share the story around that theme in a different way visually.


For example, let’s say your theme is “editing photos” – which is always a part of your workflow as a photographer.


  • Editing photos


Visual story ideas:

  • Photo of you in the mirror dressed up and ready for work
  • Selfie of you dressed down and ready for a day of editing sessions
  • Photo of a ton of snacks ready for a day of editing
  • Photo of your laptop with the desktop background ready to edit


For consistent content ideas, I encourage you to look at your current workflow and tasks you’re already doing that you can pause to take a photo of to tell a visual story. This way, your content feels authentic and connects genuinely with your audience. It feels true to you without you having to come up with some elaborate idea that feels nothing like you at all (and will come across that way in your content as well).


Filling up your content calendar

That means, since part of your current workflow is editing photos, this can fill up your content calendar in one of two ways:

  1. Say you typically have sessions on a Thursday, and you edit the photos on Monday (or you actually edit them on Friday but wait to post about editing them on social media until Monday). Mondays become the day you post about editing photos.
  2. You typically edit photos two days after a session, so regardless of the day of week that you have a session, you’ll be posting about editing photos two days later.


You just developed a natural trigger within your existing workflow for creating consistent content. Now by focusing on a consistent theme, all you’ll do to keep the story interesting is create different visuals to accompany your theme.


Now I’m dying to know: do you set up shop to edit photos in yoga pants or do you need to feel productive by getting for real dressed? I need to get for real dressed to feel productive! Tell me which one you are in the comments below!

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