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My 4 Best Tips to Find the Confidence to Charge What You Think You Deserve

When you started your creative business, you didn’t start it because you love business, did you? Most of us don’t. When I first started out as a photographer, I just loved that I could actually create really pretty photos with that dreamy blurred background, and I loved hanging with friends, taking their pictures, and hearing them say “Wow! These photos make me feel beautiful!”

So when I decided to turn something I love into a business, it felt weird charging money for it. Which is the beautiful thing about doing what you love for work: it never feels like “work”. 

This is tough for so many of us entrepreneurs, especially when we’re just starting out! Over my years as a creative entrepreneur, here are a four tips that really helped me:

1. There’s a difference between personal value and economic value.

The economic value of the service you provide is not dependent or related to your personal value as a human being. Your services are solving a problem with a skill set you’ve taken the time to learn and nurture and get pretty dang good at. Something others either don’t know, aren’t willing to know, or don’t have time to do.

Problem to solve + your unique skills bridging the gap = value.

Like, when I need a new roof, you can bet that I’m not willing to bring my ass up on that roof in an attempt to replace it. I’m going to hire someone. 🤣

Not because of their worth, but because of the skills and service they’ll provide to solve my problem. I’ve been an avid DIYer for fourteen years, Joanna Gaines is my homegirl, and I’ve got a structural engineering degree under my belt so I do know how to replace a roof, but I’m absolutely terrified of heights 🤣 so I’m willing to pay someone to do it for me!

2. Create an exceptional client experience.

It really helped me to focus on the exceptional service and client experience I was providing as part of the value of what was received. Knowing that I built a certain level of communication and that the kind attention I give my clients goes above and beyond expectations (while also being a valuable part of the service they’re here for) helped me get into the headspace of high value.

I think we really underestimate the value of customer service for our clients, and when our customer service exceeds expectations, people respect that.

Think about how many times you’ve read through reviews on google or heard conversations among your friends/family where they say “I reached out to so-and-so but never heard a response” or “they took 3 weeks to get back to me” or “they said they would be done in 4 weeks but it wasn’t done for 6 months”.

That kind of service and experience was a huge turnoff for them, right?

Those details matter.

I personally would rather choose someone who is attentive to me than someone who makes me feel like a number, and will continue to be a loyal client to them and recommend them to others because of the customer service they provide.

Of course, you’d have to be attracting clients who value that and aren’t just price shopping you. You have to be willing to say “no” to price shoppers because they just wouldn’t be a good fit.

When you provide an exceptional client experience, it makes the value of your offering higher.

3. No comparison. Own your awesome!

I think the last two things for me came from comparison. The fear that someone else’s work was better and my clients might see that.

But that wasn’t rational thinking, I knew my work was good, I’d worked hard for it to be (I mean, high achiever over here!).

So the reality is, we all have different preferences, and your clients chose you and YOUR work for a reason. Own your awesome, you deserve it. 🤗


4. Faith & Abundance > Fear

I really leaned into my faith and an abundance mindset. I had to know that for every one person that inquired but wasn’t a good fit, there were fifty more that were, and believe that my calendar would book up (and it did).

We can be afraid that if someone doesn’t book with us or if they’re not a good fit and we turn them away, that we’re “missing out” or there won’t be more.

So it takes confidence and trust to be able to say “this is my service, this is the cost. I’d love the opportunity to serve you!” and to be able to let it go and keep it moving if you don’t end up serving them. That level of confidence does communicate to your client that you mean business and the value of your services is nonnegotiable.

Your confidence tells them that you believe in your work, and leads them to believe in it too, which just further confirms their decision to work with you.

Because you are awesome at what you do, ma’friend. 😉


There you have it my friend! Your four tips:

1. Economic value of your service is not the same as your personal value. Problem to solve + your unique skills bridging the gap = value.

2. Focus on providing an exceptional client experience.

3. No comparison. Own your awesome, you’ve earned it!

4. Let go of fear and lean into your faith. Abundance is yours.

Hope that was really helpful! I’d love to stay connected and hear more about this journey for you! ❤️

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