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Turning “fear” of the unknown into “excited” for the possibilities

Even if you fall, learn to fly.

Did you just feel that?

When you read that, did you feel that pit in your stomach, that excitement of taking the risk for that special thing on your heart and then “OMG! I DID IT! It really happened!”

Hell. Yes.


*Happy Sigh*

Girl, this is what I want you to KNOW. 💥

Yes 👏 you 👏 can 👏

Unknown doesn’t have to be scary. Can we flip the script on that? Can we start to believe unknown can be safe? And fun? And exciting? That no matter what circumstances come our way, that we can rise above them? That even when something seems like it’s taking a wrong turn, it’s actually turning right for us? Or even more simply:

Things are always working out for us.

What if you knew things would work out for you? Would you take the leap THEN?

These were the exact words I kept telling myself on my 15 hour solo drive to Florida when I left my corporate job in Pennsylvania with nothing but a dream and a car packed up with food and clothes (literally punched the clock and started my long drive down the east coast). Part of me was afraid of failing, but another part of me was way more afraid of regret for never having tried. I mean, if you don’t take a chance, you don’t really have one, right?

Fast forward a few weeks and one day I’m out on a long walk when it hit me.

I realized how simple it could be

If you want a little help in how to find certainty in something you want but are unsure of how it’ll play out, here’s one trick I use to help me. I go for the feeling. I used to try to map out exactly how I’d achieve it, but when it came to something I’d never done before and had no idea of the how, even though I knew what outcome I wanted, I’d get stuck, and if i was stuck, I didn’t know how to move forward. I wanted to be sure of my success, but how can you be when you don’t know what steps you need to take to get there?

With working out (as in, exercising). Whoa now, don’t get lost on me yet (I mean, you’ve already gotten this far!). Just bear with me.

When I was going for a walk, no matter how far I walked before I turned around I knew one thing to be true: I would always make it home if I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.

Even though I knew I would challenge myself in the heat of the summer, when my leg muscles were burning and wobbly, when I didn’t feel like I would even have the energy to get started, I found it much easier to do it anyway because I already knew the outcome.

I already knew what was going to happen: I was going to make it home. There was no unknown. And therefore, nothing to be afraid of.

So, what if I could apply that same concept to something I really wanted, even though I was unsure of the “how”? How could I still feel the confidence and security of what was going to happen? Wait — what if I actually did already know the outcome for that dream I wanted to happen (move down south, new house, new job, more money, new relationship, finally lose that extra weight)?

What if I already knew it would work out for me?

You know what happened when I started to wonder that?

It no longer mattered how many times I fell on my face, who told me no, or who doubted me; I knew i would absolutely make it.

Girl, you already know your outcome.

It’s the dream you’ve been having. That special thing you really want. That light in your heart for more.

Let’s turn the unknown into something exciting, yeah?

Be excited for what could go right!

You can choose to see it as exciting. That’s when you become a deliberate creator. That’s when you step into your power. That’s when you unlock your next level.

Grab some paper and a pen and do one of my favorite exercises with me. (Remember that about me section where I mention I’m a nerd at heart? Enter: nerd status.) Journaling has become one of my favorite tools because I’ve realized how powerful writing something down is — and I’ve witnessed what I’ve written down become my reality.

Even if you fall, learn to fly.

You must believe one of two things will happen: there will be something solid for you to stand on, or you'll learn to fly.


Love you so so so much, darlin!


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